Evil Dead - October 31, 2021

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Drive In Movie cost is per car

  • Price per car - £15.00 + booking fee

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Dates - October 31, 2021

Entry Time - 10.00pm - 23.30pm (approx)

Location - Lochore Meadows Country Park

You do not need a Horr'ore ticket for entry into the Drive in Movie, this is a separate event

About the Film

Mia, a drug addict, is determined to kick the habit. To that end, she asks her brother, David,  his girlfriend, Natalie and their friends Olivia and Eric  to accompany her to their family’s remote forest cabin to help her through withdrawal. Eric finds a mysterious Book of the Dead at the cabin and reads aloud from it, awakening an ancient demon. All hell breaks loose when the malevolent entity possesses Mia.

Evil Dead


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